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Aston Rs 12a Pdf Free


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Aston Rs 12a Pdf Free


VS-20M 26 kB PDF, dated 11-78 VS-20M 80 kB PDF, dated 09-86 VS-20M 78 kB PDF, dated 01-2000 donated by Larry HorlickVYHL This supply is also known as a Motorola RRDN6082A. Just remember to print the page and leave a copy inside the case so the next guy will know what the little circuit on the piece of perfboard is for. But site is back up now. If you have a hint or a useful trick please consider writing it up and sending it in. Detailed Error Information: ModuleIIS Web Core NotificationMapRequestHandler HandlerStaticFile Error Code0x80070002 Requested URL Physical PathC:homehamradio.comwwwrootdetail.cfm?pid=H0-004423 Logon MethodAnonymous Logon UserAnonymous . Installing a New Regulator Board in an Old Astron Power Supply by By Tom Dailey WEAJ After the board burned up, Tom bought a new one from Astron. SS-18 47 kB PDF, dated 11-98 SS-25M, SS-30M 483 kB PDF dated 09-2000 Shows meters and the 120V/240V input power selection switch. Donations of additional schematics for the library below are always welcome !! Send them to the maintainer listed at the top of this page (you will be credited unless you tell us not to).


RS-50M 181 kB PDF, dated 01-2000 donated by Kevin Custer W3KKC RS-50A, RS-50M, RM-50A, RM-50M 36 kB PDF, dated 03-96 donated by Tom Allinson WB6DGN VS-50M 25 kB PDF, dated 08-82 donated by Bob Shields, KA9TYL VS-50M 74 kB PDF, dated 11-95 donated by Tim Bovard, Senior Technician at Nichols & Simpson, Inc., Organbuilders in Little Rock, Arkansas. This, effectively, shorted out the regulator driver Q2. For example, the early supplies use discrete stud-mounted diodes instead of half of a bridge rectifier (switching to an epoxy bridge module, despite the fact that only half is used, is one of the tricks that the designer at Astron used to lower the parts cost and manufacturing labor cost). Contact and submission information below . You can find more schematics, service repair, service manuals for TV Monitor HiFi CarAudio Video DVD Notebook PC Mobilphone Printer Household machine FAX or electrical entertainment equipments on the site.


If you find one somewhere else that we don't have, we'd appreciate a scan. Astron also builds custom supplies for Motorola, GE, Icom, E.F.Johnson, Kenwood, Uniden and Vertex. The Pyramid Gold Series linear power supplies are very similar in design and capacity to the Astron supplies. ASTRON RS12A Sponsored link Type: (PDF)Size402.7 KBPage1Category:POWER-SUPPLY-SERVICE MANUALWarning!If you are not familiar with electronics, do not attempt to repair!Whether you suffer fatal electrical shock! Instead, contact the nearest service center!Please, do not make a copy of the downloaded manual and do not offer to sell it,just use personally to repair defective appliance! Good luck to the repair! Looking for other manual? Document previewThere is no preview for this item! Possible causes: this is not a pdf file. packaged to mount in a 19 inch rack). Very well written and chock-full of troubleshooting information. This may work great for an 18-wheeler truck driver wanting the unit to provide 13.8 volts out on a nearly dead battery, however you might not want to run your battery down so low, especially at a solar power site. These manuals are available for download and free of charge. These manuals are available for download and free of charge. 6704223018

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